🧊Ice Temple

02:35, 14:35, 19:35

How it works

This event consists of 2 teams fighting to control specific locations on the map.

The team that scores the most wins.

Use the /icetemple command to access the event. Min level 1400. Jewel of Guardian is required to enter the event and must be delivered to the NPCs in the event's starting area.

The event can be accessed by 10 players, and if there are more than 10 in the waiting queue, the player who donates the most Jewel of Guardian to the NPC will access it.

Drop Reward

  • 500 Goblin Points

  • Stardust

  • Chance to drop Uriel Feather

Top Killer

  • 300 Goblin Points

  • Chance to drop Ring of Excellent

  • Chance to drop Ring of Critico

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